Terms of use           


General provisions 

  1.  These terms tell you how to use the Internet service accessible on www.pleasure.cat
  2. Access to the Internet service is restricted to persons over 18 who have read the Terms of use and accepted its conditions and provisions.
  3. Any content nor material of the service shall not be accessible to persons under 18.
  4. Administrator may be contacted by mail: support@pleasure.cat from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm with the exception of official holidays.
  5. Administrator of the Internet service is authorised to block accounts of users who break the present Terms of use.
    1. Announcements placed at the site have only informational nature and shall not be construed as commercial offers.
    2. The Administrator shall not be responsible for written content nor photographs which are either plagiarised or false. Should such content or materials be identified as plagiarised or false, they will be immediately removed.
    3. The Administrator shall not be responsible for advertisements and announcements placed on the portal and shall not authorise written content placed on the portal by users.
    4. It shall be prohibited to post content which would infringe personal rights or harm third party’s good name, or contain vulgar language, texts calling for violence, hatred and discrimination in any shape or form.
    5.  The Internet service operates under the Polish law in force and the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means (Journal of Laws,  No. 144, item 1204).
    6. All users shall register for their needs and shall not give access to their account to the third parties.
    7. The Administrator of the portal is authorised to remove any content which is in breach of the present Terms of use or the laws in force.

Registration and access to personal details

  1. Users shall register in order to post an advertisement. Registration takes place by filling in a questionnaire.
  2. Once the registration is finished, users can post announcements and photographs as well as edit them.
  3. Pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data by registering users agree to processing their personal details (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, with subsequent amendments).
  4. The Administrator of the Internet service shall make every effort to ensure that the data is fully secured and not appropriated by a third party as well as it is neither damaged nor lost.
  5. All the data shall be processed and stored in accordance to the laws in force      
  6. All users of the portal provide personal details voluntarily, which is indispensable for them to use the service.
  7. The Administrator shall not be responsible for providing wrong or false data  in a questionnaire and announcements.


Conditions of placing announcement

  1. By placing an announcement, you accept the Terms of use and fill in the questionnaire.
  2. While placing an announcement users shall provide their true personal details. The phone number shall not belong to a third party.
  3. Any part of the announcement, as well as photographs, shall not be false.
  4. Both the photograph and the phone number shall belong to the same person.
  5. One user shall place only one announcement.
  6. By placing an announcement users acknowledge not to infringe personal and any third party’s rights as well as copyrights, author’s economic rights and property rights.
  7. By posting a photograph and an announcement users declare to own copyright and property rights hereof.
  8. All the announcements shall be placed into the proper category.
  9. It is prohibited to place purchase and lease offers nor commercial offers.

10. All users shall place only one announcement. In order to place a new one it is required to make a written (e-mail) request.

11. The size of one of photographs attached to the announcement shall not be smaller than 350px. 

12. One of photographs attached to the announcement shall picture the whole figure of the user.

13. All users shall post no less than two photographs; otherwise, such an announcement shall not be accepted by the Administrator.

14. All users may post an unlimited number of photographs. Pursuant to the technical terms of use, the Administrator reserves the right to select and remove some of them.

15. The photographs shall not be older than 1 year.

16. The photographs shall not be retouched, redone or have contrast or brightness changed.

17. Any of the photographs posted as an offer shall be of good quality, have adequate colours (neither under- nor overexposed) and colour intensity.

18. Any of the photographs shall not contain Internet address, post address, a view of a screen nor of a newspaper page.

19. All photographs shall be original and owned by the user and shall not be taken from a newspaper or a website.

20. On all photographs attached to an announcement the face shall not be visible; should user want their photograph to be published with uncovered face, it is required to submit a written request to the Administrator. A photograph with uncovered face shall be published providing that the user is identified in person by the Administrator and signs a declaration agreeing to publish the photograph in a dating service www.pleasure.cat in which it is posted.   

21. All users shall be fully responsible for the content and the photographs attached to the announcement.

22. All announcements placed on the website shall be displayed randomly and each time they may be displayed in different order.

23. Announcements published until 15-03-2017 shall be free of charge. All announcements published after XX-XX-20XX shall require subscription fee. In order to use the portal users shall purchase a 30- or 90-days subscription.

24. Announcements for which users have not paid shall be transferred to archive.

25. Announcements may be removed before the expiry date of subscription on a written request submitted to the Administrator.

26. By providing contact details, placing an announcement and posting a photograph users agree to the publication hereof.

27. The Administrator shall be authorised to modify an announcement which contain error mistakes or infringe the Terms of use.

28. Should the Administrator recognise that the Terms of use or the provisions of the law have been breached or that any action has been detrimental to the service or a third party he is authorised to notify law enforcement agencies and to block an account; the subscription fee paid so far shall not be reimbursed.

29. Should personal details change, users are obliged to enter the changes into their account.

30. The Administrator of the service may refuse to place an announcement without providing the reason.

Final provisions

  1. Administrator shall be authorised to make amendments to thereof.
  2. Amendments to the Terms of use shall enter into force on the day of their execution.
  3. By using the service users accept all the aforementioned provisions.


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